Tested and approved

Recommended by Dr. Godwin Blaschke, Institut für Wohnbiologie und Strahlen-hygiene, 1060 Vienna, Austria.
Damping 32 - 20 dB (100 Mhz – 2,0 GHz) | test certificate IEEE Std. 299/1997 | Science Centre of Bolzano, Italy and Universität der Bundeswehr, Munich, Germany.
Damping 32 – 20 dB (0 – 300 Hz) | test certificate IEEE Std. 299/
1997(*) | Prof. P. Pauli, Universität der Bundeswehr, HF-, Mikrowellen- und Radar-technik, Munich, Germany.
Öko-Tex Standard 100 Prüf-Nr 44705

(*) Standard method used to measure the efficiency of electromagnetic shielding.

Tested and approved independently by Ama-Wellness, Energy Center, Kortrijk - Belgium.

Tested by the Catholic University of Louvain, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electrotechnics department,
Esat, Telemic, Dr. V. Volski, Prof. Dr. Ir. G. Vandenbosch  (June - September 2009), Belgium.
Shielding efficiency of about 10 dB in the 45 MHz-2 GHz frequency band. Ca. 90% of the power is stopped by the fabric.
Shielding efficiency of about 8 dB in the 50 - 500 Hz frequency band.

The test results are at your disposal at the Revor site in Meulebeke.