iSleep mattress & children’s mattress

An iSleep mattress will offer you a good night’s rest whilst reducing radiation. You will sleep better and more intensely. Wake up feeling fit and rested!

Cover material:

Intense cover with carbon thread, accelerating discharge + innovative fabric, reducing high and low frequency radiation.
With a lateral 3D-strip for an optimal ventilation.
Removable and washable at 40°.

Core: HR cold foam, latex, natural latex or durable innergetic®

The children’s mattress is also available in the cold foam or latex core version.

iSleep duvet & children’s duvet

An iSleep duvet is essential if you want to protect yourself against radiation. When combined with the mattress, the duvet will create a cocoon that will offer you maximum protection.

Cover material: : 100% soft touch cotton + innovative radiation reducing fabric

synthetic hollow fiber:
Single: 350 g/m²
Four seasons:
     - Summer: 300 g/m²
     - Winter: 350 g/m

Available in different sizes, single and four seasons (with press-on buttons).

Children’s duvet available.

iSleep pillow

The main property of the iSleep pillow is again the innovative fabric that has been used. Combined with the latex core, this pillow offers you the necessary protection and support for your head and cervical vertebrae.

60 x 40 cm / 55 x 55 cm / Ergo 55 x 43 cm

Pillowcase: Intense pillowcase with carbon thread, accelerates discharge + innovative radiation-reducing fabric. Tension will literally disappear.
The pillowcase is removable and washable at 40°.
Core: latex core which will adopt the shape of the head and neck thanks to its natural elasticity
Ergo: latex core with 3 comfort zones, offering ergonomic support for the cervical vertebrae