Over the last 20 years, the number of people experiencing sleeping problems rose to almost 25% of the population. Science sees a clear link with the increasing electromagnetic pollution or electrosmog. Apparently, this electrosmog would reduce the body’s production of melatonin, a compound which helps you sleep. It influences your performances during the day as well as your quality of life. Now, you can do something about that...

Electrosmog and your health.

Electrosmog is the umbrella term for excess electric or electromagnetic radiation. In this classification, a distinction is made between low and high frequencies.

Electric lines and equipment, such as night lamps, extension cables, etc…  and also high tension pylons cause low frequency radiation. High frequency energy waves are amongst others caused by mobile phone masts. Wireless applications and the latest computerized gadgets, mobile phones, UMTS, DECT phones, WiFi and bluetooth… They all offer us new possibilities and create opportunities. But they also cause an explosive increase in electromagnetic pollution.

Day and night, your body is exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Disturbances occur in the human ‘software’ and your body will accumulate this electric tension. After a while, your sleeping pattern changes, you feel tired and you have a hard time concentrating.