iSleep. Do you?

Protect yourself: iSleep.

To protect you against electrosmog during your sleep, Revor has developed the iSleep system: a unique sleeping range with radiation shielding properties.

iSleep products are made from natural materials, without any metal threads, batteries or electric parts. They contain two innovative fabrics which have low and high radiation shielding properties.

After a short while, you will experience the favourable effect of the iSleep system on your health: you will sleep better, find back your sleep rhythm and you will feel fully rested again.

Protect your children.

Because of the body development of children, this group is particularly sensitive to external factors and demands preventive care.

Especially for them, Revor also developed a children’s iSleep mattress and duvet, offering the same radiation shielding properties as the adult version of the iSleep set.

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